Tuesday, February 14, 2012


He eluded the ravages of all the winters,
Trusting in unending Springtimes;
He was always in my life,
Always in my heart,
Always in my world.
I thought of Cliff as like to an oak tree,
Sturdy, fresh, fragrant,
Facing straight on into the wind,
Enduring, blessed.
My knight in shining armour,
My shelter in every storm:
He parted his coat and wrapped me inside,
Close to his heart.
I knew him when he was a young man,
And when he was very old -
And still, he was young.
He said I knew him as no one else ever knew him;
But he was a man of mystery and adventure,
And he was independent.
I loved him through all the years,
I loved him in his many aspects:
Stetson fedora, black silk cummerbund,
My pink sweetheart rose in his lapel -
His smile lit up the room !
Heads turned when he entered.
Love songs flowed from his mouth like honey,
And all who heard him,
Were enchanted.
He was gentle, quiet, humble,
Adored wherever he went.
We lived La Vie En Rose,
A fairy tale dream,
Full of music and tender kisses;
And we held fast to each other
Through life's inevitable nightmares:
He was gracious through it all.
I think of Cliff night and day:
I can still touch him - with my mind:
There he is !
Coming down the street toward me -
Bathed in his own light.
I think of him,
I think of him:
I cannot draw breath
Without thinking of him.
The Sheba
Phyllis Carter
Montreal, Canada,
November, 2006

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